A digital brainstorming app for remote teams

Role: Designer at Mindiply

Mindiply was founded to help people take advantage of scientific research into creativity and productivity. Neonce is designed to eliminate the common problems that arise from traditional brainstorming techniques: group think, extroverts and authority figures getting their ideas heard disproportionally and freeloading. It provides the ability to work remotely and asynchronously so is perfect for distributed team.

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User Interface Design

I was brought into the team to work on the visual design of Neonce from the beginning, discussing the interactions and working to create a unique environment for creativity. All the elements were custom created to enhance the playful aesthetic.


Landing page design

The focus of the landing page was:

  • a simple but playful aesthetic

  • a clear call to action

  • copy that clearly explained the value

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Creating an intro video

To introduce our product to a wider audience I created this one minute marketing video and published it on YouTube.


Workshop Facilitation

I collaborated with BRITEthink to facilitate two brainstorming sessions during a weekend workshop. We used Neonce to generate new ideas and came up with some great suggestions. I also ran a workshop in a GP practice, learning about the difficulties of very old tech!



Shown at TechCrunch Disrupt in London, December 2016

Workshops done with the Housing Department, a GP practice and in collaboration with BRITEthink

Interviewed for Ignite Accelerator Program November 2016


Tutorial Video

Looking at our usage statistics we discovered a large proportion of people were unsure how to use Neonce when they first arrived on the app. To help with the on boarding process I created a 5 minute tutorial video.



We hypothesised introverts would resonate most with the advantages of digital brainstorming as it would help them to get their ideas heard. To test that, we published an article aimed at introverts.

You can read more on my blog post “Eight ways digital platforms help introverts contribute great ideas”.

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