Anonymous group decision making

Role: Lead Designer at Mindiply

This project brings the benefits of cognitive psychology to the business world. We focused on decision making and made a web app and information booklet to give people tools to implement proven decision making techniques in their next meeting.

This product is a result of a two week sprint where we prioritised user testing with a coded prototype.

decido in use.png

Defining scope

For this project we reviewed our existing user research and decided to focus on creating a very simple tool that could be live very fast so we could focus on testing our product with users.

Paper prototypes

We decided the process of dot voting would best benefit from being accessible through an app. We had an afternoon workshop to sketch out the screens we would need and debate how it could best be.

decido on laptop.png

Creating a Testable Prototype

The aim was to create a very basic design with basic functionality that could be quickly coded and tested within a week. I created the visual design and the CSS.



1. Reduces group think and the ‘bandwagon effect’

2. Anonymous voting so everyones voice can be heard

3. Transparent results to build trust in your organisation


User Testing

I ran several user testing interviews to see if we were on the right track. The response was good but we decided the product was too simple to pursue full time but it would run the the background bringing potential user in contact with the Mindiply brand.

Try it out at:


Bonus Project:

Creating a information booklet

Alongside the app I designed a work book for how to use six different decision making techniques in meetings.

You can view it here: Six Group Selection Techniques.