Moving ideas around seamlessly

Role: Lead Designer at Mindiply

Mindiply is passionate about improving creativity and productivity in the workplace. This project was sparked from the insight that it’s hard to make links between ideas because they’re on so many different platforms. Ideas get lost. Some are in Evernote, others on Google docs or Slack, still more on post-it notes or inside sketchbooks.

We wanted to find out if this was a problem felt by many people and how we could help solve it. We approached it through a combination of the UX design process and the methodology found it ‘Running Lean’ by Ash Maurya.

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User Research

We decided to focus on Product Managers and Digital Strategists in SME’s. Our hypothesis was that they would have the problem of different data streams that were hard to bring together and form cogent conclusions, and be able to implement a new system if they saw the benefit.

I interviewed 15 people to discover the details of their challenges.


Analysis of User Research

We used affinity mapping to uncover patterns of behaviour and pain points in the potential users to talked to.

“I can think of three of four teams I’ve been in where we’ve come up against the same problem: ‘How are we going to share these ideas and these links?’ ”

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Solution Sketching

I led my team through a solution sketching workshop:

  • defining “How might we…?” questions to frame our thinking

  • doing the Design Sprint “Crazy 8” method of sketching out initial ideas

  • sketching out our favourite ideas in a three panel more detailed story board “Solution Sketch”

  • adding coloured stickers to the bits of the sketches you find valuable to form a “heat map” of bits you want to move forward on

  • creating an initial screen by screen user flow as a group to ensure we’re on the same page


Creating a Testable Prototype

We wanted to very quickly test if the idea could gain traction, but the back end coding of it would take too long so I created a simulation video using screens I had mocked up in Sketch and animating them using Camtasia, a screen capture and video editing tool.

Group work.png

Benefits of the tool:

It integrates with all the tools you already use

It gathers together all the information you need in one place

You can seamlessly create a visual mind maps of your ideas

You can sync in real time with your team


Market Testing

Our initial user testing seemed to be going well so we created a targeted marketing video and ran ad words to see if it would gain sufficient traction. The results from that were underwhelming so we decided to discontinue project. Although disappointing it helped us realise what the strengths were within the team and focus in on why the company was created.