Building a community to support positive experiences of eating alone

Role: Self led project

Eating alone is a fascinating modern phenomenon. It happens on such a huge scale, around 50% of all adult eating occasions, and yet is barely talked about. The lack of discussion about eating alone and it’s inferior position in our culture is a societal issue because it inhibits almost half the times we put food in our mouths.

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Community platform is an online platform designed to alleviate that stigma. People come together to share their experiences of eating alone: documenting their food choices, sharing tips and questioning the place of eating alone in society.

There is also monthly challenge to help people eat alone more consciously: encouraging people to experiment with new recipes, places and positions to eat or simply to embrace their own behaviour. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages help raise awareness about support for eating alone.

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It's a project that has huge scope and taps into a lot of issues that face in the world today: loneliness vrs. solitude, structure vrs. independence, consciousness vrs. distraction and health vrs. convenience. From the outset, there is an interesting contradiction, how can you make a community about being alone?