Two part cushion to create a stable base while eating from your lap.

As society changes, so to do the products we surround ourself with. In the living room, the trend is for increasing comfort and informality. As Benjamin Highmore says in The Great Indoors,

"something has changed in the living rooms of the British houses: a sense of informality has invaded"

Nessle is part of that trend. No longer do we even need the structure of tables and sofa's, we can lounge, slob out, eat and relax intuitively on ergonomically shaped cushions.

These particular shapes came out of the desire to have a stable yet transportable base for eating on your lap. The mouldable top surface anchors conically shaped ceramic eatware in place so no spilling occurs when the top cushion is slid from it's complimentary base onto your lap. Likewise the ceramic eatware itself curves inward at the top to make the food even harder to spill.

This project was done as part of the project LONEEATERS. With it's twin Incline, you can eat in different body positions, and locations, around the house. They become the props by which you can develop your own habits of solitary dining.

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Upholstered by Studio Stelt.

Fabric sponsored by Kvadrat.

Ceramics self-made.

Model: Pascale Theron

Eatware: tableware designed for situations other than a hard, flat table

Loneeater: anyone who eats alone as a conscious act

© Sarah Hutchinson 2014